We offer an impeccable range of Tin & Lead Products like Lead Wire, Tin Wire, Tin Pipes, Lead Tubes, Lead Foils....

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We offer an impeccable range of Tin & Lead Products like Lead Wire, Tin Wire, Tin Pipes, Lead Tubes, Lead Foils....
About Us

Metals are an inseparable part of our lives. However, metals today are used mostly in form of alloys like lead and tin. We at Lead India Inc understand the growing need for these alloys in things surrounding people's modern lifestyle. Hence, as a trusted Manufacturer and Exporter, we have developed a range of top quality products such as Lead Wire, Tin Wire, Tin Pipes, Lead Tubes, Lead Foils and so on. We offer products that are versatile in nature, as they can be used as in basic hardware of any place. Accurate finishing of our products make them easy to work with and effortless to utilize. In a small period of time since our inception, we have made a commendable reputation in the market with excellent features of our products. In addition to having an original line of products, we are also known for our on-time and efficient service delivery.

Why Should You Choose Lead India Inc?

Metals and alloys are practically everywhere around us. Hardware elements infused in our lives are cannot be escaped. So, why not get the best hardware and at an affordable price? the array of products that we offer, will cater to your exact needs and will not disappoint you in doing the same. Our products are manufactured under strict supervision with every norm being followed to its full extent. We produce commodities with our original designs and methods using state-of-the-art technology. Our semi-automatic way of production is swift, organized and leaves little room for any error. The products manufactured by us are the right option for you because of below listed reasons:
  • Our products are sold worldwide. We have acquired the trust of clients all over the globe with our amazing products. This gives us an edge over our counter-parts.
  • We use lead as the primary material in several of our products, which makes them highly-corrosion resistant. The waterproof feature of lead acts as a further advantage.
  • The machines we use to manufacture our products have enormous capacities. As a result, we manufacture an extra-ordinary amount of products every month. Thus, we never run out of stock.
  • As Tin is almost 100% recyclable, our products come with an Eco-friendly attribute to them. Tin also develops protective coating when exposed to air keeping which keeps it vitality intact for long period of time.
Warehousing Facility

It is a highly competitive market in which we deal. Therefore, along with manufacturing large amounts of our products, we also maintain a full-fledged warehouse to store them. Our storage system is well configured in the manner that products can be placed and accessed with considerable ease. Large consignments with short-notice periods are catered by us, with the help of our abundantly stocked warehouse. We have a well trained work-force in the warehouse who work hard to keep things moving without any problems. Our warehouse was constructed with easy loading and unloading features. 

Our Team

We are proud to call our team of employees to be as hardworking as any company can imagine to have. Our team works tirelessly day in-day out catering to customer demands from around the globe, providing excellent service for everyone who is interested in buying our products. This unfailing passion and hard-work of our small employee group of 12 has not only won us our client's business but also their hearts and a relationship with them. We surge forward everyday with our excellent products and team efforts.
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